3D Solar System Crystal Ball

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  • Awesome Gift, ideal for Birthday or Holiday Gift for Children astronomy fans or physics teachers,classmate and people who are interested in the Cosmos.
  • Perfect gift for astronomers or anyone interested in space
  • 3D Carving: The clear planets crystal ball with the galaxy solar system,carved with the advanced 3D cutting technology
  • Sturdy Base: Ball holder included,easy to display on your office desk, shelf or study table.
  • Smooth Surface:The cosmic model made from crystal clear crystal,solid sphere, smooth surface finish.

More information

Material: Glass
Theme: Solar system
Material: K9 crystal
Size: 60mm / 2.36in. , 80mm / 3.15in

Weight of ball: 60mm: 280g 80mm: 685g
Technology: 3D laser engraved
Usage: Birthday gift, model, home decoration, ornament, etc.